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To meet the special requirements from telecommunication, data center, medical equipment, automobile, and industrial control industry to connection products, Shinning commits itself to research and develop key technology, introducing the most advanced computer design skills such as finite element analysis, Signal Integrity simulation and test ability has been applied to assure the product and tooling design quality and shorten the cycle time from new product develop to mass production.

Advanced computer design technology ensures the precision of product design and shortens the cycle from development to production.
Have professional technical personnel engaged in mold design, processing and production.
Ability to design, develop and manufacture specialized equipment for connector production and cable assembly processing.


Testing Center

Shinning' s test center was equipped with various kinds of test instruments according to  the request ofIEC, GB standards, which can help us to improve the product' s reliability and quality level of our connector and cable assembly at the R&D stage.

RoSH measuring & analysis

Mechanical dimension measuring

Metal material analysis

Terminal cut monitor analyse 

  Surface measuring & analyse

Environment performance testing

Mechanical performance testing

Electrical performance testing

Fiber performance testing


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