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With the rapid development of information and communication technology, the quality requirements of ICT industry are higher and higher. Shinning continuously aims to improve the quality, efficiency and TCO, and establishes a production quality control system independent of human subjective judgment by means of information / Automation / intelligent technology. And absorb the continuous improvement of lean production concept, take "三化一穩定" as the requirement, upgrade and comprehensively improve the quality system on the basis of the original "management it, production automation, personnel specialization, and relative stability of personnel in key positions". The new definition of "三化一穩定" includes:




I. Management digitization:
1. Based on management IT,
Have a complete management system;
2. All businesses have process support;
3. Obtain data through IT means;
4. Identify problems from the data and continue to improve;
5. Realize effective control of the management process.。


II. Production intelligence:
1. Based on production automation, automated machines are associated with ERP;
2. Automatic production scheduling, system automatic capture of production efficiency, production plan achievement;
3, in the ERP can see the production status, you can visualize production.


III. personnel specialization:
1. Identify key positions, especially key positions that affect product quality;
2. According to the "high quality" requirements, formulate knowledge and competency standards and requirements for key positions, and form a baseline;
3. Develop a plan to implement the “specialization of key personnel” baseline.


IV. the stability of key personnel:
The key positions will form an echelon, that is, the training mechanism should be sound, and key personnel can be replenished immediately if they leave.
Stabilization requirements for key positions:
1. Establish a differentiated personnel management mechanism (incentives, training, etc.) to reduce the turnover rate of key personnel
(Annual departure target: 10% or less)
2.100% key personnel establish backups to ensure that after the personnel are abnormal/resigned, the backup personnel can replenish in time
3. Improve the training mechanism to ensure effective training for key positions before they are employed


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